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Galacta: Daughter of Galactus

Written by Adam Warren, Art by Hector Sevilla Lujan
Marvel Comics, 48pp
Rating: T+ (13 +)

Galacta started out life as a short comic in some Assistant Editors anthology which featured strips and comics put together by various Assistant Editors from Marvel. All the shorts were part of a contest and the feature with the most votes would receive a short, digital comic series available exclusively through Marvel’s website. Apparently the digital strip did well enough, because Marvel saw fit to collect all of the strips under one cover!

Written by Adam Warren, Galacta tells the tale of the Daughter of Galactus, a massive cosmic entity with a penchant for devouring worlds to sustain him. The shorts are mainly one offs, stand alone tales with a few reoccurring themes and subplots throughout. Most notably, Galacta’s attempt to contain her hunger and not become a world devouring juggernaut like daddy dearest. That’s not easy to do as she also has the equivalent to a cosmic tapeworm which simply exacerbates her hunger! The stories are short, but fail to connect in any direct sense. Instead they feel loosely connected via her never ending search for food and the comedy that it entails. Most of the dialogue comes via a non-stop internal monologue from Galacta, done in the form of a letter/voice mail to her father. This narration never stops and is full of Adam Warren’s signature slang and techno babble. The combination of the two makes this book an incredibly dense and slow moving read, which isn’t really what you expect from a comedy comic.

I’m not sure how much Adam Warren was involved with the artwork. In the past he’s done the layouts for several of his Marvel comic projects but I’m a little uncertain of whether or not that’s the case here. I think it is since several of the characters sport faces that are more than just a little reminiscent of Adam Warren’s style. That said, Hector Sevilla Lujan’s artwork is absolutely gorgeous! Whether he’s drawing talking continents, zombie trees or a planet sized Wolverine head, the artwork is a treat to behold. The panel to panel flow is easy and clear to follow, despite the copious amount of narration boxes, and often his artwork adds to the puns in Galacta’s ongoing commentary. It really is a visual delight.

Galacta: Daughter of Galactus is not Adam Warren’s best work, or even his best work for Marvel. It certainly has some funny moments and the selected tweets (yes, she has a twitter account) at the end are absolutely hilarious on their own, but the lack of action scenes, the caption heavy nature and Adam Warren’s own incredibly quirky dialogue and sense of humor make it an undeniably, and sadly, slow and clunky read.

Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #1 is available now.

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