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Gear School, Vol. 2

Written by Adam Gallardo, Art by Nuria Peris and Sergio Sandoval
DarkHorse, 96 pp.
Rating: 8 +

Teresa’s trials and tribulations continue in the second volume of Gear School. After her spectacular showing during an alien attack, Teresa finds her confidence in piloting the giant war machines known as gears increasing. Sadly everything else seems to be dropping off. Her grades are down, athletics are down and she still can’t get up the courage to admit to her crush on a fellow classmate!

Gear School is very much a coming of age, high school tale set against a sci-fi backdrop. Teresa continues to contend with a wide variety of problems that most teens have to. Keeping up grades, peer pressure, a desire to fit in, a burgeoning love life and more. It’s just that her education also happens to include piloting giant war machines. One of the core issues in the second volume is Teresa’s problems with her more popular classmates. We had some glimpses of this in the first volume, fellow students insulting her friends, her abilities and the like. It’s a problem that causes her to take a rather large risk in this volume in an attempt to keep get them off her back. It’s an interesting idea and I’m sure most folks can certainly relate to wanting your more obnoxious and vocal classmates to leave you alone but we don’t really get to see much of the harassment in this volume and it makes her decision in the second half feel a bit odd for someone who’s generally been portrayed as fairly level headed.

The artwork continues to be lovely. There’s the vaguest hint of Japanese influence to it. I continue to love the character designs, particularly for the staff. The large amount of cybernetic implants and artificial limbs, combined with the creative designs for said prosthetics, make for some very unique and memorable appearances, even for characters that only appear for a panel or two. The land mech’s aren’t quite as cool or memorable looking as the the aerial ones from the previous volume. They look less like war machines and more like some of kind of awkward construction robot.

I enjoyed Gear School, vol. 2 even though I don’t think the story is quite as tight as it was in the first volume. I would like to have seen some more example of Teresa’s problems with her classmates, but given the slim size of the volumes I can kind of understand why we don’t see much of it here. Still, I did enjoy and hope to see more of this fun little series.

Gear School, Vol. 2 is available now from Dark Horse Comics.

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