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Mizuki, Episodes 1 + 2

by Nao Yazawa
Rating: Teens (13 +)

Mizuki is a new, exclusive Emanga.com series! A young girl must come to terms with her families heritage and accept her inhuman bloodline so that she may protect friends and society at large from the various supernatural threats which bedevil mankind.

One of the first things you’ll notice about this series is how it’s being released through Emanga.com. Unlike the Vampire Hunter D series or other manga and novels I’ve reviewed from them Mizuki is an all new, original series being serialized by the chapter on the site. What this means is that every now and then a 32 page installment pops up. It threw me at first, but it’s an interesting idea and I’m very curious to see how it goes down with readers. The first two chapters are introductory stuff, allowing us to meet Mizuki, the girl with devil blood in her veins, and her close friend and compatriot Sekito, a young boy who’s aware of Mizuki’s heritage and is her ally in their adventures. It’s pretty straight forward magical girl adventure stuff right now with Mizuki and Sekito investigating some ghosts or legends and stumbling across the real thing, saving people in the process. It’s worth noting that right now Mizuki seems to be sporting a bit of a reluctant hero vibe and Sekito practically has to drag her kicking and screaming into battle.

Nao Yazawa’s artwork is solid, clear and clean throughout the volume. The few action sequences are no different as each is fairly short but very clear and easy to follow. The character designs at this point, outside of Mizuki’s devil form, aren’t anything amazing or terribly special. They’re serviceable and fit in with the story’s contemporary and school settings. Speaking of Mizuki’s devil form, despite her protests it isn’t nearly as horrible as she makes it out to be and I’m actually forced to wonder if she’s ever viewed herself in it before. I suppose for a young girl though, it could be a bit disturbing and not really something very desirable. The ghost and monster designs are actually kind of neat without being overly complicated or stylized. They look suitably inhuman and have a few interesting twists here and there as well.

With only two chapters available Mizuki seems like a fun, straight forward magical adventure. I rather enjoyed it and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of the series and seeing how things play out and whether it develops a longer term plot or sticks to these shorter vignette style chapters.

Mizuki Episode 1 is available now at Emanga.com. Digital review copy provided by the publisher.

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