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Silent Möbius: Complete Edition, Vol. 3

Silent Möbius: Complete Edition, Vol. 3Silent Möbius: Complete Edition, Vol. 3
By Kia Asamiya
Udon Entertainment, 200 pp.
Rating: Older Teens (16 +)

The third volume of Silent Möbius picks up right where the second volume left off. The groups resident psychic, Yuki, has been kidnapped by figures from her past. Just what secrets do they hold about her powers and will she survive? Afterwards Lemia Maverick takes center stage as we get a glimpse into her life and her contribution to the team as a series of cyber attacks threaten to down Tokyo’s entire network.

I think this is probably the most uneven volume of the three so far, but it’s still a very good read. Both Lemia and Yuki’s tale not only give us glimpses into their lives and characters, they also give us some rather interesting looks into the non-magic aspects of the world Silent Möbius inhabits. Experiments in engineering human weapons, the first look at the world’s internet and a glimpse of the subculture’s that surround it all turn up. Unfortunately it’s not all bells and whistles as Yuki’s story didn’t do much to engender sympathy with me. While it does provide for some interesting fight scene’s and has a strong core concept, Yuki comes off as a bit too helpless and pathetic. She’s largely an observer and does little to help herself out of the situation. It’s actually the other ladies of AMP and some figures from her past that end up protecting and saving her. Meanwhile Lemia’s tale, while very interesting, suffers from an abundance of technobabble that feels awkward and can be a tad confusing at times.

That said, Asamiya’s artwork is lovely and both chapters are quite a treat to look at it. The setting’s been gushed over in the past, but it still bares mention again. The city looks fantastic, from the dense crowds on the street, to the abandoned Tokyo Tower and more. Asamiya’s action sequences feel a bit clearer here as well, especially in Yuki’s tale which features a psychic battle full of rampant property destruction. Lemia’s story is heavily dependent on Lemia’s infiltration of a computer network, something that occurs in manner similar to that of Ghost in the Shell with Lemia projecting herself into it. Sadly, unlike Ghost in the Shell, the visual depiction of online/network work is less than breath taking. It’s dark, a bit muddy and seems to rely heavily on random shapes floating about that are meant to represent bits of data. It’s just not terribly interesting to look at and feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.

Three volumes in and I’m still really enjoying this series. The mixture of sci-fi and supernatural elements gives the series a nice “anything can happen” feel that really clicks with me. That said, it’s been quite a while since this volume came out and outside of a TBA 2011 mention on Udon’s site, there’s no sign of volume four on the horizon. Hopefully there will be news about it soon, but for right now there’s plenty of time to go and grab the three volumes out so you’ll be all caught up whenever the fourth one drops!

Silent Möbius: Complete Edition, Vol. 3 is available now from Udon Entertainment.

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