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Xombi, Vol. 2 #1 +2

Written by John Rozum, Art by Frazier Irving
DC Comics
Rating: Unrated

After nearly a decade the adventures of the immortal David Kim return! Penned by the original series author, John Rozum, with art from Frazier Irving, Xombi kicks off it’s return with an arc involving the wrath of god and an escaped prisoner.

The first two issues reintroduce us to the world of David Kim and his supporting cast. While it does build upon the previous series and uses characters first introduced there, they’re handled in such a way that shouldn’t leave new readers feeling out in the cold. The thrust of the first arc is interesting and feels a bit confusing, though that’s not due to poor writing or story telling, it’s due to the nature of the plot. David Kim and his comrades find themselves reacting to a jail break, scrambling to catch up with the people responsible for it and the only prisoner that escaped. Unfortunately for everyone involved that prisoner is harboring a rather deadly secret of his own. The confusion any readers feel here is mirrored by that of the characters. Everyone is left playing catch up as unforeseen twists develop. While dialogue between characters feels a little stiff at times, mostly during some of these expository sequences, the chatter during combat, introductions and banter are all wonderfully done with a nice, off beat sense of humor.

I’m not a huge fan of Frazier Irving’s artwork. I was first introduced to him during the recent Return of Bruce Wayne mini-series and found his issue a bit muddy and unclear. His work in Batman and Robin was a little better but was full of weird anatomical anomalies and still didn’t wow me. His work in Xombi is head and shoulders above what I’ve seen from him before. There are none of the suddenly growing stomaches or unclear colors that plagued the earlier work. Instead the artwork is beautiful and does a fantastic job at conveying facial expressions and the horror of some of the monsters encountered by David Kim and company. Even the more non-human beasts, such as the one that pops up at the end of the second issue, look fantastic under his hand.

Xombi is off to a strong start. It’s not your typical superhero title and is definitely something a little closer to the weirdness that one would traditionally associate with Vertigo. It occupies a corner of the DC Universe that was once inhabited by Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Anima and the like and it’s a corner of the DC Universe that I love. If you’re looking for a supernatural mystery series with elements of horror with a dash of off kilter humor and weirdness then this is the series for you. It’s easily my favorite DC comic currently in print.

Xombi, Vol.2 #1 + 2 are available now from DC Comics.

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