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Moon and Blood, Vol. 1

Moon and Blood, Vol. 1Moon and Blood, Vol. 1
By Nao Yazawa
DMP, 72 pp.
Rating: Teen (13 +)

Sayaka’s life is that of your typical Japanese teenager, that is until she wakes up one morning to discover that Kai Kuryruu, the son of a family friend, will be living with them from now on! Fascinated by his good looks and his mysterious attitude Sayaka attempts to get closer and discover what secrets this young man may have. Courtesy of Nao Yazawa, creator of Wedding Peach, comes Moon and Blood, the latest shojo series from DMP.

This felt like a fairly standard paint by numbers shojo series, a mysterious, attractive and seemingly perfect young man and the young girl who becomes obsessed with him and attempts to crack his secretive exterior. It’s not exactly new material. The twist comes via said boys supernatural roots but at this point it doesn’t really do much to but give it a bit of supernatural romance flavoring. Add to this the fact that the characters aren’t terribly memorable and actually feel like they were lifted from a shojo 101 template of some kind, the perfect aloof male with no interest in our heroine, a heroine who admires and is set to crack the cold exterior of said aloof male, another male who’s part comic relief and has the entirely wrong idea about his relationship with the heroine, and you’ve got a recipe for a decidedly average introductory volume.

Nao Yazawa’s artwork is solid and serviceable. Everything’s clear and easy to follow, including the one action scene that turns up. That said it didn’t strike me as a terribly unique or eye catching art style. It’s not bad, just not eye poppingly good either. Given it’s contemporary setting most of the costume designs are your standard fare. The one exception is the mysterious vampire girl who’s sporting a gothic lolita look.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with Moon and Blood. Right now it strikes me as fairly run of the mill supernatural romance material and that’s really not my thing. I’m sure it’ll find a home out there as it is an incredibly popular genre at the moment, but that home is somewhere other than my book shelf.

Moon and Blood, Vol.1 is available now from Digital Manga Publishing. Digital review copy provided by the publisher.

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