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MPD Psycho, vol. 10

MPD Psycho, Vol. 10MPD Psycho, Vol. 10
Story by Eiji Otsuka, Art by Sho-U Tajima
Dark Horse, 208 pp
Rating: 18 +

After a year long absence the twisted tale of serial killers, international conspiracies and multiple personalities returns. The tenth volume in Eiji Otsuka and Shou-U Tajima’s MPD Psycho sees Detective Sasayama investigating a series of knife attacks which ultimately leads him once more into the tangled web weaved by the enigmatic Gakuso group.

While this volume was engaging and surprisingly easy to get into, I do have to wonder if it’s a bit too late to do the series any good. The plot stumbled a bit over the past several volumes and when you add in the fact that it’s taken Dark Horse over a year to get this volume out I’m left wondering how many people are still interested enough to care about the massive revelations promised for volume eleven. I’m also left wondering if It’ll come out before 2013. That said one of the good things about the past few volumes and something that continues wonderfully in this one is the growth and development of Sasayama. While he’s still far from a super genius or brilliant investigator he’s clearly grown and moved beyond the hapless, comedy relief he started out as. In fact, in this volume he shows a certain amount of investigative and tactical cunning at several points. It’s nice to see the character being allowed to grow and change.

Shou-U Tajima’s art is as lovely as always. I think I had forgotten how slick it could be and how his use of heavy blacks against the white pages could be so striking. Everyone and everything in the book is slick and stylish, ranging from the club kids to the politicians and the police and detectives. Even the incredibly nerdy Aoshima ends up looking rather slick and cool despite her bottle thick glasses. Tajima’s story telling is smooth and easy to follow, though after such a long break I did have a small problem telling some of the more minor characters apart.

It was nice to see this volume on the shelf as I do really enjoy this series. It’s just that like I said above, it’s been such a long time that I had forgotten much of what happened in the more recent volumes. I can only hope that there are enough fans kicking around to keep the series alive and allow Dark Horse to publish it to it’s conclusion, even if doing so means changing the stock and removing the raised and textured aspects from it’s cover.

MPD Psycho, Vol. 10 is available now from Dark Horse Comics.

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