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Sailor Moon, Vol. 2

Sailor Moon, Vol. 2Sailor Moon, Vol. 2
by Naoko Takeuchi
Kodansha Comics, 244 pp
Rating: Teen (13+)

The second volume of Naoki Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon picks up right where the first one left off and it contains revelations and twists by the bucket full. The truth about Sailor Moon and her allies, Tuxedo Mask and more is about to be revealed!

Wow. I’ve seen some people mention that the second volume is full of twists and turns and they weren’t lying. The first volume was a little slow in places, introducing most of the cast and offering us only brief glimpses at the villains and what they’re after, but volume two is almost the exact opposite. The pacing picks up as truths are revealed and the Sailors find themselves whisked from one shocking revelation to another. Usagi’s character begins to grow and shows hints of a heretofore unseen inner strength that feels genuine. Her relationship with Tuxedo Mask develops and the revelations with that help to flesh out and explore the background and history of the world the story inhabits.

Naoki Takeuchi’s artwork still isn’t really my cup of tea. I recognize that she does a fantastic job at conveying mood and emotion through various screen tones, borders, lack of borders and more, but at the same time it’s just not my thing. So much of it seems to occur in a white space occupied by sparkles or blurry lines. While it does a good job at conveying the characters moods and reinforcing the atmosphere of the story it also causes it to feel a bit removed and ungrounded at times. There’s also a few rapid transitions that left me wondering if I had missed a page or two.

I enjoyed the second volume of this series far more then the first, despite my lack of love for the manga’s visuals. Naoko Takeuchi’s created an interesting and compelling world and I’m curious to find out more and see how the various dramas play out. As of now I’m definitely in for the long run.

Sailor Moon, vol. 2 is available now from Kodansha Comics.

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