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Erementar Gerade, Vol. 7

Erementar Gerade, Vol. 7Erementar Gerade, Vol. 7
by Mayumi Azuma
DMP, 184 pp
Rating: Teen (13+)

The seventh volume of Mayumi Azuma’s Erementar Gerade continues the adventures of Cou and company as they attempt to reach Edel Garden. Unfortunately due to the events of the last volume, and Cou’s horrid attempt at border hopping, the group has to use more round about methods. They find themselves attempting to cross a forest via a gondola only to find themselves in a trap set by one of their own!

This volume is heavily focused on Viro, a young girl who joined the group a volume or two ago as a Cou fangirl. She began acting strangely last volume and engaged in some very disturbing activity with Ren. While it wasn’t really explained at the time it read like a sexual assault of some kind. At any rate it’s time for Viro’s secrets to be revealed in a tale that does a great deal to reinforce my belief that the underlying theme of the series is the exploitation of women in society as sex objects. For all intents and purposes she’s been raised and bred to serve, treated like a slave and had it ground into her that she’s just an object and less than dirt. By undertaking this mission to infiltrate the group she had hoped to rise from a toy to.. uh, well, a slightly more valuable toy. That’s what fascinated me about this volume. Her motivations are the horribly twisted ones of someone who’s been exploited and dehumanized to such a degree that they can’t recognize a healthy relationship or a way out of the cycle of abuse when it’s biting them in the ass. Instead she pursues self damaging obsessions and unknowingly continues the cycle. At least that’s my interpretation of it all. Viro and her secrets aren’t the only interesting moments of the volume though! We also get our first glimpse of Rasati and Lilea Reacting with each other and it’s kind of interesting, not to mention some more information regarding the antagonists and the introduction of potential cannon fodder for our heroes to deal with as well.

The artwork continues to improve though the character designs still fall flat for me, though a new villain in the series who appears here is a step in the right direction. The action scenes are becoming clearer and easier to follow as well which is a definite bonus in my mind. Mayumi Azuma does a fine job at depicting the quieter moments and this volume has a fair amount of them before things explode into mass combat. I’m a little tired of reading manga set in the woods though. I suppose it’s a little easier to draw sparse, rocky woodland areas than big urban cities, but it’s just so generic and bland that the physical setting for these fantasy/action shonen manga often blur together.

While it wasn’t quite as dark as the last volume I was reasonably impressed at some of the psychological themes that played out with Viro, even if it did ultimately come down to the typical good/evil dynamic that dominates shonen manga. I am starting to wonder whether Mayumi Azuma is actually going to say something about society and its treatment of women beyond that of “women are people too”, but I suppose that’s still a bit more than most shonen manga. The series continues to surprise and entertain!

Erementar Gerade, Vol. 7 is available now from Digital Manga Publishing and Emanga.com. Digital review copy provided by the publisher.

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