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Attack on Titan, Vol. 14

Attack on Titan, Vol. 14Attack on Titan, Vol. 14
by Hajime Isayama
Kodansha Comics, 192 pp
Rating: Teen (16 +)

Attack on Titan takes an even darker turn in this volume as the Survey Corp find themselves stretching their morality and humanity to the breaking point. Meanwhile a figure from Levi’s past comes back to haunt him, ushering in a whole new threat for Eren and his comrades to deal with. All this means that Attack on Titan, Vol. 14 is full of what we’ve come to expect from Hajime Isayama, big reveals, big twists and crazy action sequences!

The volume starts off a bit slowly, continuing with the Survey Corps. efforts to capture and discover who’s pulling the strings to the behind the scenes machinations within the capital so that they can better plan their offense against them. Unfortunately not everything’s as cut and dry as you’d expect and there’s a difference between inflicting violence upon a Titan and a human. As Eren, Armin and the rest struggle with the emotional and mental tolls from their actions and their ultimate plans, the forces of the capital begin to the tighten the noose in a fairly violent and surprising way. A large chunk of the volume is dedicated to establishing their moral issues with hurting or killing another human being, even the early portion of the volume with Erwin talking to Pixis serves to hammer home the fact that the Survey Corp facing off against human opponents is something of a major taboo. Not just because it’s a portion of their military revolting, but because killing another human would taint their attempted uprising and make them no better than the Titans they’ve been battling all this time. Reading this hot on the heels of From the New World, Vol. 7, I couldn’t help but see some similarities in how both showed people capable of killing when it came to non-human opponents, but when circumstances forces them to fight against other humans, things get a bit more tricky. Page from Attack on Titan, Vol. 14

Hajime Isayama’s artwork continues to evolve, but it also continues to be peppered with some odd anatomical bits and stiff, awkward posture throughout. Most of the visual highlights come courtesy of the action scenes, and the fact that Clint Eastwood turns up as Levi’s dad and a serial killer which is absolutely hilarious. Naturally, with an Eastwood inspired character popping up you’d expect this volume to feature something of a Western theme and you’d be right! This volume is totally working the western angle, complete with a showdown in a bar. The new weapons and equipment from these new enemies allow Isayama to really stretch his muscles a bit, showing off just how kinetic and crazy his battles can get while beefing up Levi’s reputation as a bad ass to absolutely ludicrous levels.

While it starts off rather slowly, once Attack on Titan, Vol. 14 takes off, it takes off in a major way! Plans and counter plans unfold at a rapid pace as the Survey Corps struggle to cope and enact the plans of commander Erwin. Those looking for some Titan action will be a little disappointed as this volume focuses heavily on the humans and the government conspiracy as the series begins to address some long standing questions raised by the world and the amount of time we’re told has passed since the series begin. The series continues to be quite the roller coaster ride and I can’t wait to see what new ups and downs Hajime Isayama has in store!

Attack on Titan, Vol. 14 is available now from Kodansha Comics.

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