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Attack on Titan, Vol. 15

AoT15Attack on Titan, Vol. 15
by Hajime Isayama
Kodansha Comics, 192 pp
Rating: Teen (16 +)

Political maneuvering and plotting dominate Hajime Isayam’s Attack on Titan, Vol. 15, as the Survey Corps find themselves branded as outlaws and rebels. Being hunted down by the rest of the military and the enigmatic and deadly Interior MPs, the group is struggles to find a way out of the corner they’ve been painted into. Meanwhile Eren and Krista find themselves at the mercy of their kidnappers who promise to pull the curtain back on some of series longest running mysteries!

After last volume’s insane chase and shootout, Hajime Isayama tones it down a bit as he shifts the focus onto the political machinations that have been going on in the background. Erwin, Levi and the rest are all forced to plot and counterplot against the unseen human foe pulling the government and the royal families strings. It’s a nice chance to catch our breath and it allows for the first introduction of the 4th estate, the press, into the series, but at the same time the endless plotting and theoretical debates that make up much of the volume dragged down and dampened any momentum the series had from the last volume. Yes, the plot moves forward and there’s the promise of major revelation in the next volume, but all the talking heads here just felt like a bit of a let down. On the upside, it did all help to reinforce the overarching themes and ideas that Isayama’s been peppering the series with since it’s inception, so it was nice to see those addressed and brought into focus once again, but I wish he had achieved a slightly better balance for this volume.Page from Attack on Titan, Vol. 15

With a marked decrease in the fighting this volume, Hajime Isayama’s explosive action scenes are almost completely absent. Attack on Titan’s foray into human vs. human situations for the last few volumes may have left some folks starving for Titan scenes and it’s certainly something I hope we see the return of soon. Still, Isamya manages to work in a few interesting visual moments in this volume and it seems like his skills continue to improve over time. There’s a lack of the stiffness that marked his non-action poses from the earlier volumes, likewise his anatomy seems to be on the upswing and I didn’t find myself wondering over the length of some peoples limbs as I have in the past. His faces continue to be packed with intense emotions which make every philosophical discussion or debate feel like the most important conversation ever.

Attack on Titan, Vol. 15 is full of politicking and plotting as the various machinations of Erwin and the other commanders finally come to a head. The volume represents a massive shift in the status quo for the world that Hajime Isayama has created, but whether it’s for the better remains to be seen. The next volume would seem to promise even more world shattering revelations, which shows one of the things that’s made this series so damn good in the first place. Cliffhangers that leave you desperate for the next volume!

Attack on Titan, Vol. 15 is available now from Kodansha Comics.

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