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Cosmic Commandos

Cosmic CommandosCosmic Commandos
By Christopher Eliopoulos
Dial Books for Young Readers/Penguin Young Readers, 192 pp.
Rating: Young Readers (8 – 12)

From Christopher Eliopoulos, the writer of Marvel’s adorable Pet Avengers trilogy, comes the cute, light hearted adventure of twins Justin and Jeremy. When Jeremy finds a magic wish granting ring in his box of cereal, his favorite video game comes to life, but will he be able to defeat it and save the world, or will his frustration at being compared to his brother, Justin, drive an unreconcilable wedge between the two, dooming everyone? Find out, in Christopher Eliopoulos’ Cosmic Commandos!

Jeremy lives in his brother’s shadow. Constantly compared to him, he’s desperate to be his own person and free from the endless barrage of comments like, “Why can’t you be more like Justin?” This comparison causes him to resent and push his brother away, constantly tells Justin to stop looking him. Justin, for his part, is a bookish, friendly, easy going kid, the opposite of the tightly wound Jeremy who spends most of his time complaining, playing games, and wishing he were an only child. The magic ring Jeremy finds briefly frees him from his “stinkish life,” but ultimately forces the two brothers to reconcile and admit their brotherly love for one another to overcome the alien invasion that threatens to the earth.

A page from Cosmic Commanods

Enter, the bully!

Eliopoulos does a wonderful job imbuing the story with a sense of energy and fun. Whether it’s the dialogue and the snarky attitude of Jeremy, or the natural friendliness of Justin, the characters all feel distinct, real and and are easily relatable and just fun to watch interact with each other. A lot of this is to due to the cartoonish artwork, which reinforces the lighthearted nature of the story. Eliopoulos does a wonderful job at conveying personality and emotions through everyone’s character designs, whether it’s Jeremy’s initial surliness, or the Smalls’ bullying nature, or the disapproving, authoritative look of a teacher, every one looks fantastic and is wonderfully emotive. You’re able to take one look at a character and come away with a some sense of who they are and what they’re like. It’s all very cute and adorable, and even things like robot squids or bugs are adorable and fun to look at.

Drawing inspiration from his own twin sons, Christopher Eliopoulos has crafted a light hearted and engaging tale of sibling rivalry and the desire to be your own person, while wrapping it in a format and style that makes it appropriate to children of all ages. Cosmic Commandos is an adorable tale of two brothers that’s a delightful and enjoyable read.

Cosmic Commandos is available on 07/04/2017 from Dial Books/Penguin Young Readers Comics. Review copy provided by the publisher.

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