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All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 2

March 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Welcome the latest midweek manga review! This week I’ll be looking at All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 2 from DMP, but first up a few news items.

And now onto this weeks review of All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 2!

All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 2All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 2
by Sho Hidaka
DMP/, 212 pp
Rating: Teen (13 +)

The wild hijinks of Ipponsugi and friends continues in Sho Hidaka’s All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 2! More obstacles are thrown into Ipponsugi’s road to romance with his fellow classmate, Momiji as a rival club emerges to challenge the All Purpose Chemistry Club’s right to exist! If that wasn’t enough, camping trips gone horribly wrong, a mysterious and magical Christmas tree and more all provide plenty of challenges for Ipponsugi and the club to overcome.
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Noragami, Vols. 2 + 3

March 23, 2015 Leave a comment

Noragami, Vol. 2Noragami, Vols. 2 + 3
Created by Adachitoka
Kodansha Comics
Rating: Older Teen (16 +)

After the dramatic fight that closed out the previous volume, Yato’s new Shinki, the spirit of a deceased which can become a weapon, Yukine struggles to adjust to the after life and his new role and relationship with Yato. Tempers flare and patiences begin to fray, and if attempting to reign in his smart mouthed, disrespectful Shinki wasn’t enough trouble for Yato, he also has the unfortunate luck of crossing paths with the warrior god Bishamon who’s got a score to settle with our favorite down on his luck deity! Adachitoka, the creative team behind Alive continue to explore their world of working class Gods and evil spirits while also shedding some light on Yato’s history with Noragmi, Vols. 2 + 3!
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All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 1

March 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Welcome the latest midweek manga review from yours truly! This week I’ll be looking at All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 1 from DMP, but first some news…

And now onto this weeks review of All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 1!

All Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 1All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 1
by Sho Hidaka
DMP/, 210 pp
Rating: Teen (13 +)

Sho Hidaka’s All-Purpose Chemistry Club, Vol. 1 is, ostensibly, a romantic comedy about Ipponsugi Kaede, a high school student with a crush on his classmate Akiyama Momiji. In the hopes of wooing her and winning her affections he joins a club she’s in which is… odd. Lead by a hooded student known only as “Boss” the club leads him to wacky encounters with ghosts, aliens, rampaging komodo dragons and more. With so much insanity and seemingly random occurrences, will romance bloom for our beleaguered hero and heroine?
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xxxHolic Rei, Vols. 1 + 2

March 16, 2015 Leave a comment

xxxHolic Rei, Vol. 1xxxHolic Rei, Vols. 1 + 2
Created by Clamp
Kodansha Comics
Rating: Older Teen (16 +)

Student Watanuki has an odd job. He works for the mysterious Yuko in her mystic shop which is visitable only to those who need her services. Over the course of these two volumes Watanuki and fellow student Domeki aid and observe Yuko as she tends to the various customers and the supernatural problems they bring with them, but even then there’s more going on than meets the eye. Clamp returns to one of their recent hit series with xxxHolic Rei, Vols. 1 + 2!
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Prophecy, Vol. 2

March 13, 2015 1 comment

Apologies for the delay in this week’s midweek manga review… Well, I can’t really call this a midweek review when it lands on a Firday, huh? Call it what you will, but it’s here! Before you take a look at Prophecy, Vol. 2 from Vertical Comics, have some news…

And now onto this weeks review of Prophecy, Vol. 2!

Prophecy, Vol. 2Prophecy, Vol. 2
By Tetsuya Tsutsui
Vertical Comics, 210 pp
Rating: Not Rated

In a story that could be ripped from today’s headlines, Tetsuya Tsutsui’s Prophecy, Vol. 2, follows the Lieutenant Yoshino and Japan’s Anti Cyber Crimes Division getting ever closer and closer to uncovering and capturing the identity of the enigmatic cyber terrorist known only as Paperboy. As his attacks become more political and more high profile, one of his accomplices faces a crisis of conscience that could prove to be Paperboy’s undoing!
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Kotoura-San, Vol. 3

March 9, 2015 Leave a comment

Kotoura-San, Vol. 3Kotoura-San, Vol. 3
By Enokids
DMP/Emanga, 138 pp
Rating: Teens (13 +)

Kotoura and her friends struggle to deal with their involvement in a string of killings and come up with a plan to aid the police investigation. Time waits for no man or woman however, and Summer is fast approaching with its promise of fun in the sun… Assuming that Kotoura and her friends survive that long, that is! After the surprisingly dark turn of Kotoura-San, Vol. 2 with the introduction of a serial killer plot line, Enokids slowly begins to turn things down a notch as he returns to the series’ adorable, relationship based, comedic roots in Kotoura-San, Vol. 3!
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Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, Vol. 3

March 5, 2015 1 comment

Time for another midweek manga review from yours truly! This week I’ll be taking a look at Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, Vol. 3, but before we get to that, some news!

And now onto this weeks review of Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, Vol. 3!

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, Vol. 3Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, Vol. 3
Art by Satoshi Shiki, Story by Ryo Suzukaze, “Attack on Titan” created by Hajime Isayama, Character Designs by Thores Shibamoto
Kodansha Comics, 192 pp.
Rating: Older Teen (16 +)

Kuklo’s desire to see a Titan, led him to stow away in a wagon during a Survey Corp expedition and now, much to his dismay, he’s getting his wish! Meanwhile, Sharle discovers that her attempt to help Kuklo may ultimately lead to a fate worse than that she sought to rescue him from. Satoshi Shiki and Ryo Suzukaze’s look back into the long forgotten past of Hajime Isayama’s continues with Attack on Titan: Before The Fall, Vol. 3!
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