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Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3

June 11, 2015 1 comment

It’s still Thursday so it still counts as a midweek manga review! Apologies for the tardiness though. Very slow news week, but I still managed to find a few items of interest this week…

And now, onto the featured review of Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3!

Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3
by Ryu Mizunagi
Vertical Comics, 190 pgs
Rating: Not Rated

From Ryu Mizunagi comes Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3 and the ongoing tale of Honoka Takaamiya, an ordinary high schooler until he finds himself dragged into a conflict involving many of his co-students who happen to be witches! Honoka’s life is further complicated as he learns that within him lies a powerful and mysterious witch known as Evermillion, making him a target for everyone!
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Noragami, Vol. 4

June 8, 2015 Leave a comment

Noragami, Vol. 4Noragami, Vol. 4
by Adachitoka
Kodansha Comics, 200 pgs
Rating: Older Teen (16 +)

While Yato struggles with a possible cure for Hiyori’s half ayakashi problem, something’s rotten in the house of Bishamon. Adachitoka turns their eye to what being a shinki entails, the problems that can arise with them, and their relationships with the gods in Noragami, Vol. 4!
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Dream Fossil

June 4, 2015 2 comments

Welcome to another midweek manga review! This week I’ll be looking Dream Fossil from Vertical Comics, but first, here are a few news items which caught my eye.

And now, onto the featured review of Dream Fossil!

Dream FossilDream Fossil
by Satoshi Kon
Vertical Comics, 426 pgs
Rating: Not Rated

Dream Fossil is a collection of fifteen short stories from early in the career of Satoshi Kon, the acclaimed director of Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and Paprika. Available in English for the first time, these stories from the 80s and 90s range the gamut from sci-fi to slice of life and provide an interesting glimpse into the earliest beginnings of one of anime’s most gifted creators.
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Fairy Tail, Vols. 43 – 48

June 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Fairy Tail, Vol. 48Fairy Tail, Vols. 43 – 48
by Hiro Mashima
Kodansha Comics
Rating: Teen (13 +)

The men and women of Fairy Tail face their greatest challenge to date, when a group of demons known as Tartaros enacts a plan to destroy all magic in the world! Can Natsu, Grey, Erza and the rest defeat these powerful new foes? And if so, at what cost? Hiro Mashima pulls out all the stops to deliver a non-stop action adventure tale in Fairy Tail, Vols. 43 – 48!
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My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2

May 28, 2015 1 comment

Welcome to the latest midweek manga review! This represents a return to the two review a week schedule that I maintain whenever possible. It’s been a rather slow news week, but here are a few pieces that caught my attention…

And now, onto the featured review of My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2!

My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2
by Takuma Morishige
Vertical Comics, 176 pgs
Rating: Not Rated

More wacky hijinks as Yokoi tries to study and pay attention in class, only to be distracted time and time again by her classmate in the neighboring seat, Seki. Takuma Morishige’s delightful comedy series opens up and introduces us to new figures, classmates and some returning faces in My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2!
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A Silent Voice, Vol. 1

May 25, 2015 1 comment

A Silent Voice, Vol. 1A Silent Voice, Vol. 1
by Yoshitoki Oima
Kodansha Comics, 192 pgs
Rating: Teen (13 +)

Being a new transfer student is never easy, but for Shoko this is especially true to her deafness. Her lack of hearing quickly attracts the attention of Shoyo, a young boy who will do anything to keep himself entertained, including bullying Shoko relentlessly. I had heard some very good things about this series, but beyond the basic premise I really had no idea what to expect from it. What I got was a powerful and emotional tale about a bully and his victim. From Yoshitoki Oima comes the series that won her the “New Creator Prize” at the 19th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, A Silent Voice, Vol. 1
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Cardfight!! Vanguard, Vol. 5

May 21, 2015 1 comment

Welcome to another midweek-ish manga review! Today I’ll be taking a look at Cardfight!! Vanguard, Vol. 5 from Vertical Comics, my first taste of the series no less. First though, have a little news…

And now, onto the featured review of Cardfight!! Vanguard, Vol. 5!

Cardfight!! Vanguard, Vol. 5Cardfight!! Vanguard, Vol. 5
by Akira Itou
Kodansha Comics, 196 pgs
Rating: Not Rated

From the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! R and Bushiroad, comes Cardfight!! Vanguard, Vol. 5! Created as part of a multi-media franchise spanning CCG (collectable card game) series, video games and even a live action special, Cardfight!! Vanguard follows young Aichi Sendou as he enters the world of competitive card games! This volumes sees him wrapping up one duel, before taking on another challenge in the form of his friend and rival, Kai.
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