Attack on Titan Anthology

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aotanthologyAttack on Titan Anthology
by Various Creators.
Kodansha Comics, 256 pgs
Rating: Older Teen (16 +)

Trying to explain what the Attack on Titan Anthology is can be surprisingly difficult. The short answer, is that it’s an anthology from Kodansha Comics featuring American comic creators telling stories inspired by and based upon Hajime Isayama’s hit franchise, Attack on Titan. That doesn’t quite do it justice though, nor does it really delve into the depth of talent among the roughly 30 creators who contributed stories to it. If that wasn’t enough, the stories run the gamut from comedy strips, to stories placing Isayama’s creation into new and different worlds, to stories set in the world Attack on Titan fans know and which sit neatly alongside the rest of the franchise. Suffice it to say, the Attack on Titan Anthology probably has something for anyone holding even a passing interest in the franchise.
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Noragami, Vols. 10 – 12

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Noragami, Vol. 12Noragami, Vols. 10 – 12
by Adachitoka, translated by Alethea Nibley and Athena Nibley
Kodansha Comics
Rating: Older Teen (16 +)

Yato’s trapped in the underworld and is at the mercy of the nightmarish, Izanami! Can his friends rescue him from the land of the dead? And if they do, what will the revelations of Yato’s family mean to the world of Noragami? All this and more in Noragami, Vols. 10 – 12 from Adachitoka.
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Queen Emeraldas, Vol. 1

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Queen Emeraldas, Vol. 1Queen Emeraldas, Vol. 1
by Leiji Matsumoto, translated by Zack Davisson
Kodansha Comics
Rating: Older Teen (16 +)

In the future mankind has taken to the stars, colonized other worlds and explored the vast reaches of space. There are few names known throughout the cosmos, but Emeraldas is one of them. A mysterious woman, alone aboard her massive ship The Queen Emeraldas, she eternally travels the sea of stars for reasons known only to herself. Created by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto, Queen Emeraldas, Vol. 1 represents one of the rare instance of his work coming to the U.S. thanks to translator Zack Davisson and the fine folks at Kodansha Comics.
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Attack on Titan: Special Edition, Vols. 18 + 19

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Attack on Titan, Vol. 18Attack on Titan: Special Edition, Vols. 18 + 19
by Hajime Isayama
Kodansha Comics
Rating: Teen (16 +)

It’s the showdown readers have been waiting for! The Survey Corps attempt to retake Shinganshina district and repair the hole in the Wall Maria, but standing in their way are the two titans who have plagued them since the first volume: The Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan. Add the enigmatic Beast Titan to the mix and the Survey Corps could be facing their last stand. All this ,plus the anime adaption of Levi’s backstory, awaits in Attack on Titan: Special Editions, Vols. 18 + 19 from Hajime Isayama!
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A Silent Voice, Vols. 4 – 7

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A Silent Voice, Vol. 4A Silent Voice, Vols. 4 – 7
by Yoshitoki Oima
Kodansha Comics
Rating: Teen (13 +)

As Shoya continues to struggle with his guilt for bullying Shoko his circle of friends continues to grow, expanding to include more former classmates and even a few newcomers. Unfortunately, thing’s aren’t as peaceful as they appear and the past continues to haunt Shoya in new and unexpected ways, threatening to tear his new, burgeoning friendships apart. Will Shoya ever find what he’s looking for, or will his inability to forgive himself doom him to a life of solitude? Yoshitoki Oima’s amazing story reaches its climax with A Silent Voice, Vols. 4 – 7.
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Complex Age, Vol. 1

June 28, 2016 Leave a comment

ComplexAge1Complex Age, Vol. 1
by Yui Sakuma
Kodansha Comics, 208 pgs
Rating: Older Teen (16 +)

Meet Nagisa Kataura. To most she’s a typical office worker, but her close friends know another side of her, that of a dedicated cosplayer! For years she’s kept these two worlds separate from each other, keeping her cosplay life away from her family life and work life, but time and age seem to be conspiring to force her to choose between her two lives. From Yui Sakuma comes the award winning Complex Age, Vol. 1!
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