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From the New World, Vol. 7

February 5, 2015 2 comments

Welcome to my slightly belated midweek manga review of From the New World, Vol. 7! Living in the North East these past few weeks have meant being buried under snow, between the shoveling, raking and classes I’ve fallen a little behind my intended Monday/Wednesday posting schedule, but at least I’m still getting two out a week. At any rate, before we get the main event, enjoy these few news items…

And now onto this weeks review of From the New World, Vol. 7!

Cover for From the New World, Vol. 7From the New World, Vol. 7
Story by Yusuke Kishi, Art by Toru Oikawa
Vertical Comics, 212 pp
Rating: Teen (16 +)

From the New World, Vol. 7 is the final volume of Toru Oikawa’s adaption oh Yusuke Kishi’s award winning novel. Like many of the current Kodansha and Vertical Comics titles, this was originally serialized in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, alongside the fan favorite Attack on Titan and the critical darling Flowers of Evil. Set in a post apocalyptic world populated by psychic humans and mutant animals, From the New World, Vol. 7 brings an end to the trials and tribulations of Saki and Satoru as they engage in their final showdown with the Squealer, the Morph Rat leading the revolt against the human population.
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