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No. 6, Vols. 7 + 8

November 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Welcome to another midweek manga review. This week, I’ll be taking a look at No. 6, Vols. 7 + 8, but first, some news…

And now, onto this weeks review of No. 6, Vols. 7 + 8

No. 6, Vol. 7No. 6, Vols. 7 + 8
Story by Atsuko Asano, Art by Hinoki Kino
Kodansha Comics
Rating: Teen (13 +)

Raised in the luxury of No. 6, a seemingly utopic city, Shion’s life changed forever when he helped a young fugitive by the name of Rat evade capture by the city’s authorities. Nearly a decade later Shion’s accused of murder and is forced to flee No. 6 with the help of Rat. No. 6, Vols. 7 + 8 sees the duo conduct a daring rescue operation, as they infiltrate No. 6’s Correctional Facility in hopes of freeing Shion’s childhood friend, Safu, from its depths. As they uncover the horrors of the Correctional Facility the duo are pushed to their physical and emotional limits as this manga adaption of Atsuko Asano’s light novels careens towards it’s climax in style, thanks to the visual stylings of Hinoki Kino!
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