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The Ghost and The Lady, Vol. 1

January 4, 2017 Leave a comment

The Ghost and the Lady, Vol. 1The Ghost and The Lady, Vol. 1
Created by Kazuhiro Fujita
Translation by Zack Davisson
Kodansha Comics, 304 pgs
Rating: Older Teens (16+)

Florence Nightingale is perhaps best known as the mother of modern nursing. In the early 19th century she pioneered ideas such as cleanliness and advocated for better nursing care. The Ghost and The Lady, Vol. 1, introduces readers to an untold tale of Nightingale’s life. That of her relationship with Grey, the ghost of a duelist who has promised to take her life when she finally gives in to despair! From Kazuhiro Fujita, the creator of Ushio and Tora comes the first in this two volume retelling of the life of Florence Nightingale!
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