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Witchcraft Works, Vol. 5

July 14, 2015 1 comment

Witchcraftworks5Witchcraft Works, Vol. 5
by Ryu Mizunagi
Vertical Comics, 186 pgs
Rating: Not Rated

Ayaka and Honoka find themselves between a rock a hard place as they come under attack by a new, powerful and clever enemy. The enigmatic Tower Witch known as Weekend! After swiftly defeating Ayaka’s mother, she launches a explosive plan to capture Honoka, forcing the duo and the rest of the Workshop Witches onto the defensive! Is there anyway to stop Weekend? Witchcraft Works, Vol. 5 sees Ryu Mizunagi ramp up the action and destruction as the new enemy looms!
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Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3

June 11, 2015 1 comment

It’s still Thursday so it still counts as a midweek manga review! Apologies for the tardiness though. Very slow news week, but I still managed to find a few items of interest this week…

And now, onto the featured review of Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3!

Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3
by Ryu Mizunagi
Vertical Comics, 190 pgs
Rating: Not Rated

From Ryu Mizunagi comes Witchcraft Works, Vol. 3 and the ongoing tale of Honoka Takaamiya, an ordinary high schooler until he finds himself dragged into a conflict involving many of his co-students who happen to be witches! Honoka’s life is further complicated as he learns that within him lies a powerful and mysterious witch known as Evermillion, making him a target for everyone!
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